Great for Recruiting and PR!

Injuries during the commute to/from work are considered workplace liabilities;

go the extra mile to protect your most important resource.

When your employees (and their families) wear these helmets,

it promotes your company and improves recruitment efforts.

You can tailor the design to raise awareness for your brand, event, product or anything else you want!

High Quality Products

Custom Designs

The Perfect Gift


A Bit About Us

Almond is innovating safety and creating branding opportunities for last-mile transportation.

Josh and Leon partnered on Almond after meeting in business school. The two noticed how last-mile

transportation is rapidly changing in incredible ways, yet safety isn't keeping up. With a tragic accident,

involving a family member, as motivation, Almond was born.

Almond's core mission is to improve safety by making it accessible, popular and affordable (ideally free for riders!)

We offer companies a way to protect your team beyond the walls of the office through providing

high-quality, affordable giveaways to your team.

Additionallyu, we sell custom and branded helmets to bike shops, distributors and universities.


I Want to Sponsor Safety!

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Call or WhatsApp: +972536095898

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